Seventh Framework Programme


ALTERNATIVE Films Online Platform – watch the films produced during the four-year project!


ALTERNATIVE Personal – read interviews, opinions, experiences of the project from a more subjective point of view


KU Leuven (promoter), Belgium

NOVA – Norwegian Social Research Institute, Norway

European Forum for Restorative Justice, Belgium

Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology (IRKS), Austria

Foresee Research Group, Hungary

Victimology Society of Serbia (VDS), Serbia

University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Other important organisations, projects, pages:

ECMI – European Centre for Minority Issues

Berghof Foundation

Centre for Equal Opportunities and Fight against racism

International Red Cross

FP7 project COREPOL – Conflict resolution, Mediation and Restorative Justice and the policing of ethnic minorities. Read more about the COREPOL project on the Horizon 20/20 website

FP7 project ACCEPT PLURALISM – Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe

FP7 project SAFIRE – Scientific Approach to Finding Indicators & Responses to Radicalisation

FP7 project BESECURE – Best practice enhancers for security in urban regions

Facing facts! – A project about mapping and monitoring hate crime and hate incidents in Europe

Restorative Justice and intercultural settings in Brussels – A project that looks into the possibilities of digital storytelling as a restorative approach

Other relevant manuals, toolkits:

Teachers Manual ‘NOT JUST NUMBERS’ – educational toolkit on migration and asylum in Europe

ACCEPT – Handbook on Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Europe

Restorative Interventions Implementation Tool Kit – for implementing restorative interventions for bullying in school, toolkit for trained facilitators

Making rights real – A guide for local and regional authorities for implementing fundamental rights on the local level