Five new research reports are available

Five new research reports of the ALTERNATIVE project are available to download from the website.

The `Theoretical research report on activating civil society` by project partner IRKS deals with the concepts of active participation, civil society and citizenship, and their relevance for restorative justice.

The `Theoretical report on the main concepts of research in communities` by project partner Foresee explains security, securitisation of minorities and immigrants, the role of the media in this process as well as the background of the focus of the research in Hungary.

The `Research report on dealing with conflicts by NGOs and the state` by project partner VDS shows how inter-ethnic conflicts have been dealt with by the state as well as by civil society in Serbia and where is room for restorative justice approaches in this field.

The `Report on the contribution of RJ to peace building` by project partner UU explains the context and development of RJ in Northern Ireland, the role of the University of Ulster plays in it and the understanding of RJ in the intercultural context in Northern Ireland.

The `Report on RJ models` presents mediation, conferencing and peacemaking circles as the main practice models of RJ but also explains broader models of RJ approaches and deals with their relevance for conflicts in intercultural settings.


You can download the reports from here.