The Norwegian Social Research Institute (NOVA) is a research institute concentrating on studies in childhood, ageing, social policy and the welfare state. The institute is involved in a growing number of international research projects (see also:

The project team at NOVA:

idahydleDr. Ida Hydle, Project Leader and Senior Researcher at NOVA and Adjunct Professor at the University of Tromsø in Norway, has been working with RJ since the early nineties and  has written and edited a long list of books and articles relevant to the project. [email protected]




Espen_pic_webEspen Foss (PhD candidate), has been working with restorative justice since 2007, both as mediator and as PhD-student within the field of social and visual anthropology. Espen is leading the national effort on Street Mediation in the Norwegian Red Cross. [email protected]