The most important research reports and other public deliverables of this project.*

Number Title Deadline Executive summary
D1.3 Final research report on restorative justice and security November 2015
D2.1 Report on conflicts in intercultural settings July 2012
D2.4 Final research report on conflict and RJ September 2014
D3.1 Report on RJ models January 2013  
D3.3 Report on the application of RJ in the context of EU policies January 2014
D4.1 Theoretical research report on activating civil society January 2013
D4.2 Living together in the Gemeindebau in Vienna: On Tensions, Conflicts, Fears and Hopes January 2014
D4.5 Follow-up materials for supporting RJ activities in intercultural settings November 2015
D5.1 Theoretical report on the main concepts of research in the communities January 2013  
D5.4 Evaluation and follow-up report November 2015
D5.5 Comprehensive final report on RJ in intercultural communities November 2015
D6.1 Research report on dealing with conflicts by NGOs and the state January 2013
D6.2 Interethnic conflicts and citizens’ perception of security in Serbia January 2014
D6.4 Booklet of best practices of applying RJ in interethnic settings November 2015
D7.1 Literature review on restorative approaches in local conflicts of Northern Ireland October 2012
D7.2 Report on contribution of RJ to peace-making January 2013
D7.4 Baseline research report of conflicts in three conflict areas July 2013
D7.5 Manual on RJ Interventions and multi-agency approach January 2014
D7.6 Comprehensive final report on RJ interventions in interethnic conflicts and multi-agency approach November 2015
D8.5 Report on Comparative analysis in the action research sites November 2015
D9.1 Film/ documentary May 2015
D9.2 Report on regional workshops March 2015
D9.3 Academic publications May 2015
D9.4 Books January 2016
D9.5 Newsletter September 2013
D9.6 Practitioners’ manual May 2015
D9.8 Summer School report October 2014
D9.10 Final conference 16-18 Nov 2015


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